Uncontrolled network activity of the computer may testify as infecting your system with malware and it is configured incorrectly. So first, open "control Panel" and disable Windows automatic update. Then, after checking the computer, you turn it back on.
Open the startup folder: start – Run, msconfig, startup tab, remove the birds from all unneeded programs. Many of the installed programs themselves register themselves in startup, which slows down the loading and performance of your computer.
Disable all unnecessary services: "start" – "control Panel" – "administrative tools" – "Services". The list of services that can be disabled and a description of the process of disabling find in the Internet.
After the preceding steps, check the operation of your computer. If traffic continues uncontrolled use, open a command prompt: "start" – "All programs" – "Accessories" – "Command prompt". Type the command netstat –aon and see the list of current connections - they will be marked as Established. In the right part of the window you will see a list of process IDs – PID.
Enter in the same window, the tasklist command. You will see a list of running processes, the second column will be listed with their IDs. Comparing the PID from the connection list with the IDs of the processes list, you can find out which processes are using your Internet connection.
If you are unable by process name to determine which program it belongs to, use the utility AnVir Task Manager. Run it, find it in your processes list the one that interests you. In information it is specified as the startup file or the startup key in the registry. AnVir Task Manager utility shows the current connections, it is very useful for system diagnostics.
If you need full control over the traffic, install and run BWMeter. Open the Details tab and click Start in the panel Control. In the program window will indicate all connections with the ip addresses. An additional window will give you full information about the traffic. You can enable verbose logging; all information about the used traffic will be saved in a text file.