Create your own effective system resource management of the enterprise in order to optimize production. To do this properly redistribute current assets of the enterprise. This will help to increase the supply of liquid funds and reduce the amount of illiquid industrial stocks.
Analyze the assets of the enterpriseto lower its receivables. In addition, to increase the effectiveness of financial and economic activities, it is necessary to plan all financial activities and monitor execution of financial plans.
Use financial stabilization mechanism, which is a system of measures aimed at reduction of financial liabilities and an increase in cash assets securing those obligations. This will reduce the amount of fixed costs (including maintenance costs managerial staff), lower level conditionally-variables costs, extend the timing of accounts payable for commodity operations.
Increase the amount of monetary assets due to the refinancing of receivables (factoring, forfeiting, forced recovery), speed up its turnover (by reducing the terms of a commercial loan). Optimization of inventory by establishing standards for the inventory of the enterprise by the method of technical and economic calculations. Reduce the amounts of insurance, warranty and seasonal inventory.
Achieve increase in sales volume, profit margins and level of profitability by intensive use of current assets of your enterprise. Direct efforts to increase the productivity of the staff. Aim to expand market of products (goods). Spend a competent advertising campaign and attract more large investors and creditors.