You will need
  • - the Internet.
Download program flashplayer called flashplayer-mac.xpi. It can be found through search engines on the Internet. Check downloaded files for viruses, since the risk of downloading malware. That is, when you download new files, be sure to check full system scan every file as it could contain malicious codes, which subsequently are copied automatically into the registry of the personal computer.
Unpack the archive to the hard drive of the computer. If you have no archiver that handles files with the file extension xpi, suitable and standard winrar. You will need to rename the downloaded file by removing the extension and appending a zip. In the contents of the extracted archive, locate the files flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll they are responsible for the flashplayerand the browser. Now you need to copy them to the folder of your browser.
Open "My computer" the plugins folder on the path C:Users[username]My документыProgramsFirefox if you use the Firefox browser to view pages on the Internet. If you use another browser, read through your application to see folder for additional tools.
Start your browser and go to any website where the uploaded video files. For these purposes, perfect website Now you can start to download and view video files. You can also view various video clips in real time, listen to music and more, the main thing that the Internet speed was normal, that is approximately 128 KB. Also don't forget to update the player, because many functions just stop working.