Advice 1: How to update the Windows library

In modern operating system Windows 7 have added a new control and view files on the computer Library. They serve to join files of the same type stored in different places on the hard drive, in a single list — like shelves of books in the library.
How to update the Windows library
You will need
  • - administrator rights.
Open "My computer" through the desktop shortcut or using the menu item "start". If you do not appear the label "My computer" on the desktop, you can enable the display of shortcut. Go to the start menu and locate the shortcut to start, click right mouse button and select "Show on desktop". Find "Library" in the left part of the window "My computer". Select one of the sub-paragraphs "Libraries", for example, "library Videos". In the right part of the window displays the folders that are included in this category.
The number of elements of this subject, included in the library are listed at the top of the window. For example, in our case, this inscription looks like "Includes: 2 locations". The number of the link, clicking on which you'll get access to edit the list of library items. Update the library by editing the items in the list. Add new items that match this category by clicking on the "Add" button. On the list of places will appear new link to the directory on the hard drive. If you add multiple groups of items on the hard drive of the computer will automatically appear a few directory links.
Thus it is possible to group the main types of files which often use the computer: video, documents, pictures and music. Collect references to the sections of the library for quick access to files on the computer. You can create multiple libraries on a personal computer. To make it easy to use all the information on your computer, all files and folders should be clearly collected by categories, as when a large variety of files can be confusing.

Advice 2 : A summary of the important features of Windows 10

The new version of Windows 10 was released on July 29. Microsoft offers users many different apps updated and exciting features. Let us consider the main innovations of the updated product of Microsoft Corporation.
Windows 10

Universal Windows 10 operating system is optimized for various devices. It will work on PC, tablet, smartphone.

Key features of the Windows 10

1. The appearance of multiple desktops. For example, if you run several applications, they will be added below in the form of multiple work Windows (tables). How useful is this feature? You can simultaneously perform different jobs in different desktops without affecting the location of Windows and not dragging them, and just switch between them.

2. New Windows 10 operating system, all necessary drivers for your computer or laptop installs itself (with the Internet). The only inconvenience drivers set immediately, but only after some time after system startup.

1. The default voice assistant Cortana. With it, you will find the necessary information on the local device and the Internet. Additionally, you will be able to dial voice messages, create reminders, find files with documents to enable and disable the multimedia content.

2. Instead of Internet Explorer in Windows 10, is browser – Spartan. It is a very handy feature – you will have the opportunity to write any notes directly on the page and share them on social networks. The browser is integrated with Cortana. Spartan forms from the visited pages a special library, which can be viewed without Internet connection.

3. The interface of the "start" button, when pressed, similar to Windows 7, now "start" is displayed on the entire screen. If you place any tile application, you will immediately be able to run them. They are all located in the interface of the "start"button.

4. When you start on a desktop computer or laptop will not start tile screen, and immediately your desktop. If tablets and smartphones are not connected the keyboard, it will load the tiled interface.

5. The presence of the touch keyboard, which is very convenient if you only wireless mouse.

6. Search has become more functional. That is, you'll be able to find required software applications like the Internet and computer. In addition, 2 control panels, one of which is designed for touch screens.

Upgrade to Windows 10 for free and see the convenience of the new operating system. In this case, your current Windows 7 or 8 must be licensed.

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