Ask the husband why he doesn't want to have a baby. It might be financial, housing problems, that spouse is not yet ready to take on the responsibility for the upbringing of the baby. Quietly listen to your man, give convincing arguments in favor of creating a new life. Recall that the material questions are solved, but the age of the tide is not turned off.
Bring in an example of semi all your friends, relatives, colleagues, where there are children. Praise of men-fathers who are engaged with their children, paint in paint, how fun they are. It is important to give her husband to understand that with the advent of the family of the baby's life does not end, but gets new paint.
Invite your spouse to go to a family planning center to pass all the necessary tests. Some men are afraid that the first time to conceive it does not, why postaram their self-esteem. If the test results are good, they will give my husband confidence. If the bad - you will be able to start treatment.
Tell your husband how happy and proud you will be to see the child of his traits, habits, features of character. Flip through your childhood photo albums, pick which eyes, lips can be your kid. Try to captivate the wife coming up with a name, find out who he would want more: a boy or a girl, and why.