If you want to win guy, for a start it is necessary to understand with itself and to increase self-esteem. Intuitively, because guys feel like the girl refers to herself. They focus mainly on self-confident, those who consider themselves attractive. So do auto-training. Every morning get up in front of a mirror and say nice words about his appearance, character and attractiveness to the opposite sex. The rule is - if you consider yourself beautiful, then you are a she!
How to charm a guy
Only auto-suggestion is not enough. It is necessary to change. Reconsider your hair style, bring the head in order to pick the optimal hair color. Try to take care of themselves, harmoniously and tastefully dressed. This does not mean that you have to spend a fortune on clothes. Create a stylish way and without investing large sums, and show imagination and ingenuity. Importantly, the style was yours reflect what you inherent individuality. Do manicure - hands should be well groomed.
Try to grow, find yourself Hobbies that you will burn. After all, if you might be interested, you become interesting to others. You must radiate positive emotions, to smile, to exude energy. It attracts people, including guys. They should pull for you.
How to charm a guy
The most important stage is the actual conquest of the guy. For this you have to study his habits and Hobbies. Next you need to try to separate them, give your object to realize that you like him, love what he good at it.
Try casually often to meet him. Find common topics of conversation, but don't prolong the conversation. It should always remain a little hungry, wait for your new appearance. Keep some innuendo, mystery. Men like to solve them.
Come to understand (but not directly) that you have a lot of fans. Men in love are often guided by herd instinct. Never speak first about their likes, only hints at them. And when the guy will fall for you, you can graciously accept his advances.
How to charm a guy