You will need
  • - passport of the vehicle;
  • - transit number;
  • help-account or contract of sale;
  • - insurance policy.
When buying a car check from the seller the documents of the vehicle (the vehicle passport), and then pay for the car, receive a certificate, invoice, transit plates, license store, and together with the necessary documents go to Interdistrict registration and examination Department to put the vehicle on the account.
The purchase of the car you can issue a notary (desired). In this case, you present to the notary the act of evaluating a car and a contract of purchase and sale in triplicate. However, please note that the reconciliation of private car and checking it out for theft no thrift store or notary will not do. So you will be easier to register your purchase directly in Interdistrict registration-examination Department, without the involvement of a notary.
To register the car you need for 10 days after purchase.For the production of the car on the account will pay certain fees for form of certificate, the inspection and registration license plates. Employees of Interdistrict registration-examination Department show your passport (or a certificate from the ATC in case of loss of passport), the certificate account or the contract of purchase and sale, the vehicle passport (PTS), the receipt on payment for registration and license plates, temporary license plates issued in the interior and an insurance policy.
The inspectors will check your car for theft, theft, and other unpleasant, but possible effects will make the inspection and after 10 days will issue you license plates and registration certificate of the vehicle. If there are no problems, registration can be completed on the same day, within an hour. After issuing the certificate, verify that all the data in the documents are the same.
If your machine was imported and cleared in your name in Interdistrict registration-examination Department submit the passport of a vehicle with a mark about payment of customs payments, transit numbers issued by the customs, your passport and insurance policy on the car.