To open the appraisal company, you need to start to become an expert in this field. Among the professional requirements for an appraiser notes the presence of higher education, better economic. In addition, you need to get additional professional education "business Valuation". Further work by the appraiser will have every three years to improve skills. For the biography of the evaluator, too, there are requirements. This lack of an unexpunged or outstanding convictions for economic crimes, as well as for any misdemeanor or felony.
Note that currently, the rating may engage a physical person employed in the valuation of the company under the contract or an individual entrepreneur. Currently, to obtain a license to engage in evaluation activities is not necessary. However, the responsibility for quality assessment tightened. If earlier estimated the company for poor quality rating was disbarred for one year, now the appraiser who did the work violations, will have the opportunity to work in this direction.
But remember that all appraisers must consist of one of the self-regulatory organizations (SROs). To join it, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the legislation. Besides the availability of education, the activities of each appraiser shall be insured for an amount not less than 300 thousand rubles. higher Than the amount of insurance coverage, the better. When joining the SRO is required to pay the admission fee and compensation Fund fee (a minimum of 30 thousand rubles). It is created in order to compensate the customer the damages caused by a defective evaluation.
When you open the appraisal company mention that its staff must consist of at least two appraisers. Currently, it is the customers provide the requirements for valuation companies. For example, banks only work with accredited appraisers they have, which means you will have to adjust to them. In large cities in the state estimated of the company must consist of at least five people, such are the demands of customers. Note that the evaluation preference is given to those companies which, apart from the responsibility of its employees insured and their liability of a legal person, what the law can do.