You will need
  • - cot for babies.
Take care of buying a nice crib for the baby. Too large or, conversely, a small crib can cause unconscious resentment. The baby may be uncomfortable or inconvenient. Choose a crib soothing neutral tones. Handy baby changing Mat and blanket will make sleep maximum full. A canopy, protecting baby from the sun, will create a cozy atmosphere and have to sleep.
Teach your baby to ensure that he slept in his crib, if possible, with the first month of life. After feeding and the necessary procedures alacite and lay the baby. Try not to put him to sleep. Perhaps you prefer to feed your baby when he wakes up. However, in the future the problem with self-falling asleep in the criband not in the hands of the mother, will become more apparent. Around 6 months baby needs to get used to sleeping alone and not with mom. If he goes to bed with discontent and crying, try not to give in to children's whims and above. Be persistent.
Before NAP time and bed time try to create a calm atmosphere in the child's bedroom. Bathing before bedtime, favorite pajamas, calm, soothing voice of my mother telling a story (even if the child does not understand all the words), soft, stroking massage will set a child on the way. Six-month-old baby can be given a favorite toy, then the kid will not feel so alone.
If the child cries, stay with him until he falls asleep, but not take him in my arms. You should persevere for a few days, as the baby will realize that crying leads to nothing, and will be faster to fall asleep in his own crib. So, the mother also provided a restful sleep.
When the baby wakes up, do not hurry to run to him. Wait a few minutes. Gradually accustom the child to the fact that being alone is normal. Bright toys hanging over the crib, will help briefly to draw the child's attention, when he just woke up.