To purchase a new license key on the official website of the manufacturer of the program:Кроме you can temporarily make use of the free coffee keymi, they work from one to several months.
Remember that unlicensed key can be locked. In this case, Dr. Web will protect the computer, but you will not be able to use the automatic virus database update. By purchasing a license or download magazine key, install it, it can be done in two ways.
Just right click the green icon "Dr. Web" in the system tray. Select the option "Disable self-protection". Enter the verification code. Open the program folder, usually this path: C:/Program Files/DrWeb
Copy to this folder a new key to overwrite the key (the old file will be replaced with a new one) answer in the affirmative. You can just delete the old file drweb32.key and insert the new. Replacing the key, re-enable self-protection by right-click the icon of "Doctor Web" and selecting "Enable self-defense". Then restart the computer. After the reboot, "Dr. Web" will start to work normally.
To establish the key Dr. Web can and the second way: just right click the program icon in the system tray, select Tools – license Manager. In the opened window select "Browse" – icon is the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. Locate the file for the new keyand confirm your choice. Then delete the old file by selecting it and clicking the delete icon. Then restart the computer.
For convenience, the updates of the antivirus databases do not forget to properly configure the "Doctor Web". Then run update, in the opened window select "Settings". In the tab "update Server" enter the address: To adjust the frequency of the updates, open the Tools – Planner – Schedule. Set the time at which to renew.