You will need
  • - Internet;
  • program Java Runtime Environment.
Go to the official website of java developers at and download the latest version of the java machine. Install the program on the hard drive of the computer. Specify the operating system path to the installed java files-the machines — to do this, add the path environment variables (Advanced tab in the computer properties dialog box) the path to the installation program.
Start a command prompt in the main menu or with the command cmd entered in the Run field. Go to a command prompt in the directory of the java program you want to run. Enter the command:java -cp [file name].jar [name of the main class of the program]and Press Enter - this will launch the run file.
If you need to compile a java file, type javac[name of core file].java and then java -cp [file name]. Get information about the options for running java files from the command line, enter the statement java -help and press Enter. The screen will display a full list of possible commands and their options. Enter all commands exactly as the wrong combination can hurt the entire operating system of the personal computer.
If you need to run the PC mini-game, written in java for mobile devices, download the program MidpX. This application allows you to launch jar files without excessive complications. Once install this software on one of the jar files right click and select "Properties". Next, a window will appear in which click on the "Change" button and select the appropriate program to open this type of files is the utility MidpX.