Install on your PC program emulator mobile phone. This is a program that is relative to the jar file behaves in exactly the same way as a mobile phone. And the jar file is not even "realize" that it is executed on a PC. Similar programs there are many. But really, while most of them work reliably under Windows XP and under Windows 7, unfortunately, not always. But it is temporary. Programs are improved, errors are eliminated.
One of these programs - Sjboy. You can download it for example here: After unpacking the archive, the program is ready to work, no installation is required. Experience shows that most programs for mobile phones successfully start.
To run *.jar file you just drag and drop the file to the icon of the program Sjboy. This method works reliably. But when traditional processing method is to first run the program, and then using the "file " menu" open *.jar file - there are failures.
But universal emulators currently no. If some *.jar program refuses to run fine in any emulator and without it you can not do, then try to pick up for her the other. Here are some examples of this software:

- KEmulator Lite - Russian версиz program

- Minisoyo -

- MidpX Emulator

- MicroEmulator -
When selecting the emulator, note the following: some emulators do not work with jar files and jad files. They have no programs, but only information about where the program to download and how to use it. It is inconvenient compared to working directly with the jar file. If you already have a complete java file, you have to first convert to jad file using any special programs, for example, JADGenerator.