You will need
  • Access to the Internet.
Specify the benefit to the buyer of the franchise. Here you need to clearly understand what will get people the support, training, software products. Thus it is necessary to give the answer to the buyer of the franchise to the question of why he needs to buy this franchise, what feature of your business. Think about what the key feature is the firm, which is not the competition. This is what should be described in the section that will get the buyer of the franchise.
Specify buyer requirements. First, start with determining the amount of contributions. Determine the initial payment (one time payment), royalties and fees for advertising (and often they do not exist). Now you need to mark the territory, which is interesting for the development of your business. And finally, define additional requirements that are necessary for opening a representative office. This includes initial investments and the size of the room in which will be the work of the mission.
Advertise the sale of franchises specialized resources. Today the Internet you can find many sites dedicated to the sale and purchase of business, this is where you can find a variety of offers to purchase the franchise. After some time at the contacts you will begin to contact people for the transaction.
Sign a contract for the purchase and will produjo franchise. It is very important that this document was prepared by competent lawyers. Remember, buyers of the franchise will always be looking for possible "holes" in the contract, to take advantage of new opportunities. And at the same time it is necessary to leave a small space for maneuver, otherwise your franchisees will feel locked in a narrow framework.