You will need
  • program WPI.
Download it to the computer and install programsfrom the Windows Post-Installation Wizard. This application will help the user to create your own disk with automatic installation programs. Find the button "Configuration" (Options) in the main application window and click it. Starts the setup utility list of programs for automatic installation. If a standard set of programs WPI does not suit you, add the necessary application or remove the buttons "Add" (Add) and Delete (Delete).
Specify the description of the attached programsof am in case, if your disk will use the other user. Configure the startup parameters in the default application or with an inactive selection. If some of the chosen programs require the installation of additional applications configure the dependencies. The entries in the registry can be edited in the same settings window, in the lower part.
Using the "Save" button to make any changes to the Assembly. All changes will be automatically made to the file config.js from the folder wpiscripts. This file can also be edited with Notepad. You created WPI-Assembly can now be written to disk, and then use every time there is a need for complex installation programs. You can install one app from the list, if you take care of the allocation of time for selection user.
As soon as you will need to automatically install some list programssecurity, insert a recorded disc into the hard drive of the computer and wait for automatic launch. Next, select "Install WPI" and select all programss which must be installed on a personal computer.