Take out a loan to buy an apartment secured by existing housing. This method can, for example, to apply parents intending to buy a separate housing for a son or daughter. In the Bank you can get up to 80% of the value of the mortgaged premises. The size of the loan depends not only on the original price of your property, but also on the size of your income. Also, remember that pledged housing should be in the same town as the Bank to the borrower.
The first method is suitable, of course, not all, since it must already have some real estate. If you are not yet a homeowner, you can try to do the following. Take one Bank consumer loans, which make the down payment on a mortgage loan taken in another Bank. The advantage of this method is that to immediately pay a large sum is not necessary, but it has significant disadvantages. You must have high enough earnings to be able to pay two loans at once. The size of the consumer loan is also determined by the level of your official salary. And banks usually require a pledge of any movable or immovable property, if you are going to take more than three hundred thousand rubles.
To use any of these methods can be used, just carefully calculating the forces. You will need a good credit history that banks have been able to trust you large sums of money. Because you have to pay monthly a large amount of money for several years. To pay the consumer loan will have to be quick, much faster than on a mortgage. Remember that non-payment of loans is fraught with lawsuits and seizure of the mortgaged property. Especially dangerous is in the event that if you laid their only shelter.