You will need
  • special rope climbing, comfortable athletic shoes.
Grasp the rope straightened with his hands on opportunities as possible and cross-legged, hanging on the rope for a while. If possible, try to catch up on his hands, seized the rope, not helping himself with his feet. This exercise will develop the hands and will learn to keep hands to your own body weight.
Grab the rope between your legs crossed below the knees. The rope is held by external parties stop. Catch hands alternately up and down, crossed his legs while continuing to hold the rope and not move. Exercise strengthens the muscles of the legs, back and press, and prepares you directly to the climbing rope.
Grasp the rope with your hands and slightly jumping to grab the rope legs — between the knees and hoists the crossed feet. My hands are slightly flexed, stretched and keep the body weight on the rope. Body is also somewhat bent.
Firmly press your feet into the rope, holding it between the ankles. Straighten your legs, while the body rises up and the hands holding the rope, will be even more bent.
Hold the rope fully extended, feet and hands catch as high as possible — to a position almost fully extended body.
Alternately repeat the last three points and climb the rope to the desired height. During the descent all of the above steps are repeated in reverse order: first catch down the hands, then straighten your legs, holding the rope.