Download the following software to flash MP3 player Sony. First download and install to your PC the Firmware Update Tool. Directly with you and will carry out the firmware. Then you will need the updated software. It is best to download from official manufacturer's website, although not rare, there are cases when on the discussion forums users of this model of player, part-time programmers, spread himself made an updated firmware. You can use it, but there is no guarantee that the same is done correctly.
Turn off your MP3 player. Then hold the M button, connect it to the computer. Button hold until, until the screen of your monitor appears a window informing about the installation of new equipment. You will see two paragraph choices. Click on "No, not this time."
Specify the option install from a specified location. Then click on the "search for the best driver" and "Include location in the search". In it, specify the following path: C://Program Files/Fuzhou Rockship/Firmware update/Rock USB Driver.
Run the Consummer file from the folder where you installed the Firmware update. Click "Open" and specify the path to the firmware update file. Wait until firmware MP3 player Sony. Then disconnect and turn on the player. After the player completely boots up, connect it to PC and format using the operating system.
Double-click on the icon "My computer" on the desktop, then right click on the icon of the removable disk of the player. In the context menu select "Format". If you did everything correctly, then the firmware will only benefit, and otherwise ensure the correct operation of the player is impossible.