Put it on a web page image that will fit your essence. And don't use any text. Your image should be clear without words. You can put on your ava picture. Select a location with beautiful scenery and take photos on a professional camera. It is desirable, that you took a picture of the other person, not yourself.
Wear nice clothes, but not vulgar. Make a beautiful pose for a picture. The photo must be all in harmony. Do not get carried away with photoshop. Looking at the photo, people need to see your eyes and face. More natural facial expressions you have, the better. Beautiful avatars look very natural. Doing the processing in photoshop, remove red eye and crop, you do not need. You can contact the photo Studio, where you will make a professional picture.
Decide on the scale of avatar. Many sites are independently compressed picture, but it is better to do it yourself. You can use special programs for retouching facial defects and skin that is on the Internet. Download one of them. For Example, Makeup Guide Lite 1.0. With this program you can do makeup directly on photos. For example, to paint lips and apply powder and shadow to draw the eye and even change their color directly on the image. Make a thin frame, if you will.
Upload photos to the site. Let's see how avatar looks in its place. If you are not satisfied with something, it is best to fix it. Create animated avatar using Video to GIF Converter. It's enough to have a movie or video to make the image of certain points of the video. But don't do a lot of shots to not get overly large in size video.