You will need
  • - computer,
  • - access to the Internet.
Create an avatar simply. In the network there are sites specializing in this. Type in the search browser the name of the resource or just "create avatar". In the second case, you will need to choose from those that offer the browser as in the first and go straight to the main page of the site you want.
First, sign up. This procedure is similar to any other resource. Enter your information and a working email address. This is a necessary condition for registration, to your e-mail should receive a confirmation from the site.
Log in to your mailbox. If it's an email containing a link to activate registration
go to it and you can start creating your avatar.
On the home page click on "Create your own gravatar".
This will open the "window Manager gravatron" where you can add pictures or download them to your computer.
In that case, if the avatars you want to have your picture, you need to place it on your computer. In the dialog that opens, specify the path to your photo, click "Choose" and wait until the photo gets uploaded to the website.
Next, you need to select the category your picture out of four presented. The choice is yours. Can for each category to load different images in a similar way, and can tag one photo for all.
The next step is click "Manage gravatars". Here you can change the image frame captions, edit categories, etc. Created gravatar will follow you everywhere where you wish to leave a message.
Create an avatar for a site or forum even easier. The Internet is a collection of free and paid images-avatars. If you need a unique image, it can be purchased at online or upload your website-master. In the Studio online, you can attach to the image special effects, make color corrections, to create a unique image. Once the avatar is created, go to the forum or social network to your account.
Select the "Edit" - "Insert a picture". In the dialog that opens, specify the path to the desired file. Click "Choose". In the appropriate field on your page the following image will appear.