Advice 1: How to change the language in Linux

Linux is a free analogue Windows, it has become quite popular among users due to the free flow and the ability to fine-tune. It has many modifications that will be beneficial to both advanced users and beginners.
How to change the language in Linux
You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - installed Linux OS.
Run this version of Ubuntu to install Russian language on Linux. Similarly, you can set any other language. To do this, go to the main menu, there select the option "System", then "administrative tools" – "Localization". This command runs the Manager localizations.
Next, select "Primary language", check the box next to the required languageand, for example, "Russian (Russian Federation)". Then, select from the list of supported languageov "Russian". Click "Details". Select the check boxes next to the menu item "Basic translation", "Additional translations", "Linguistics", "optional".
Wait for the download and install languagepacks in Ubuntu oriented. To be able to control the localizations that are already installed, click "Install/remove languageov". After any changes restart the computer or end the session of current user and again log in to the system.
Go to the menu "System" select "Administration", then "system Language". This menu will allow you to change the language of Linux. In the opened window go to the tab "Language". Click "Install/Remove languages" to add the desired language. From the list, select the check boxes near the required components and click "Apply changes".
Then in the new window, enter the password to set the language ofthe new Linux packages. After you install the languageand set the "Language for menus and Windows" select and set the location of the languages in the order of your preference. Next, click the tab "Text". Select a state to display the local date values, currency values, and numbers.
Add the keyboard layout for an installed language. Go to main menu "System", select "Settings", click "Keyboard". In the window "keyboard Settings" select the tab "Layout", click the "Add" button, select the desired one and click "OK". In this window you can select the keyboard shortcut to change languageand Linux.

Advice 2: How to add the language to the computer

By default, computers for English-speaking users have two language – Russian and English. If you need business or private correspondence in another language (French, German, etc.) the user can add the computer to the desired language.
How to add the language to the computer
Adding a language via the language bar. It is located on the right panel of your desktop and appears in the form of a square with two letters denoting the current (used in) language. Click the right button of the cursor and click in the menu item "Options".
This will open the Language and text services. In the "General" tab next to the list of already installed languages click the "Add"button.
From the list of available languages, select the desired. Click the "plus sign" next to the language, configure the keyboard settings. Check the box next to the type of layout in which you want to enter text.
Click "Show". The layout you have chosen will be displayed in a new window. If you are satisfied, close the preview, click "OK".
Make sure that the new language appeared in the list. Click "OK" to save the settings.
Switch the keyboard combination "Shift-Alt" or "Shift-Ctrl". Make sure that the new language is connected.
These settings can be changed through "control Panel". Open it via the start menu", then select "settings" and "control Panel".
Find the component "regional and Language options". Open the tab "keyboards and Languages" click "Change keyboards".
Next will be the same menu that was described in the first embodiment are added. Change language settings according to your needs.

Advice 3: How to change the date in Windows

Sometimes in Windows you need to change the current date, for example, to adjust the creation time of the document or to correct the system failure. This can be done by standard means of the system.


How to change the date in Windows XP

Double-click the mouse on the clock icon in the system tray (lower right corner of the screen). To change the month in the appeared properties window, under "date" click on the down arrow to the right of the field that indicates the current month, and select new. Year can be changed by pressing the up and down arrows to the right of the appropriate field. To select a date, click the mouse on the desired number.

Because of the complex processes in electronic devices , the computerand the system starts to diverge from the true time. You can get rid of the discrepancies if the computer connected to the Internet. Go to the tab "Internet Time", check the box next to "synchronize" and click OK.

How to change the date in Windows 7

To change this option, you will need administrator privileges. Click on the clock icon and click on "Change date and time". In the "date and time" click "Change date and time". In the date field, change the current value of the left and right arrows.

They break you because incorrectly chosen time zone. Click "Change time zone" and select your location. To synchronize system timer with world time, go to the tab "Time on the Internet.

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