You will need
  • program "return", the 2-NDFL statement of employment, pen, receipt of payment, an identity document.
Type Declaration for refund of tuition corresponds to the 3-pit, a room tax inspection at the place of residence of the person filling it. A symptom of a taxpayer for a student is the "other individual", and the income from which the citizen pays tax on the income of individuals, confirmed by a certificate from his place of work for form 2-NDFL. Reliability is confirmed personally or by his representative. And for the representative to make an surname, name, patronymic name and identity document.
The information of the declarant, the taxpayer enters his name, name, patronymic, date and place of birth, the name of the identity document, its details (series, number, whom and when issued), the full residential address (postcode, region, city, settlement, street, house number, buildings, apartments), a contact telephone number.
In the column "Incomes received in the Russian Federation", the taxpayer indicates the tax rate of 13%, writes the full name of the company, which has its taxpayer identification number and code of registration. Selects the revenue code that corresponds to the payment of wages, and in accordance with the certificate 2-pit enter the amount of income for each month of the six specified in this document.
In the "Deductions" the person filling out the Declaration, chooses social tax deductions, then writes the amount of money that it spent on tuition fees. It should match the receipts or other documents confirming the fact of payment for study.
This Declaration is stored electronically and is printed in two copies. The declarant writes the application for granting a social tax deduction, making the necessary documents and deliver to the tax authority.