You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • a fresh version of the "Declaration";
  • printer;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - the documents confirming all your income for the previous year and payment of personal income tax from them;
  • - the documents confirming the fact of training and payment.
Prepare documents, supporting training, payment and the right of the institution where you received education services for their rendering. This is your contract for the provision of educational services, a copy of the license of the educational institution and proof of payment: receipts, accountable forms or money orders.
Download the current version of the "Declaration" and instalirajte it on your computer. Use the website of the FTS of Russia Your chosen program version should correspond to the year for which you submit a Declaration.
Run the program "Declaration". On the start page, enter the number of your tax office. This is the first four digits of INN, if you with a receipt have not changed your registration address. Otherwise, use "Fill in the payment order" on the website of the FTS by selecting your subject of the Russian Federation, town and street where you registered.
Add your personal data: surname, name and patronymic, series, number, date of issue and name of the issuing body and registration address. Obstruction can cause an rcoad code. Here again you will help service for completing the bills on the website of the FTS, which determines it to your address. If your location in the code, use the code CROWN.
Complete the section on your income earned in Russia. All you need for this information contain references 2NDFL and other documents confirming the income. If you had income from abroad, complete the appropriate section. For this when specifying the conditions with a tick on the item of income in foreign currency, even if the foreign partner has paid to you in rubles.
Go to the tab dedicated to deductions and click the second left icon in the top left corner. When users hover over it you see the prompt "Social tax deduction". Enter the total amount of documented costs of training in their intended field. In the presence of costs of education of their children reflect them in a separate field.
Use Preview to check whether you fill in the Declaration. If everything is in order, save it on your computer or print immediately.
Don't forget to sign each page of the paper version of the document prepared in the designated areas.