Advice 1: How to prepare seaweed

Seaweed contains a complex of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B12, C, D, E), microelements (iodine, phosphorus, zinc, iron) and organic substances. Today scientists see it as not only a useful food product, but also a remedy for many ailments.
How to prepare seaweed
You will need
    • fresh frozen seaweed (laminaria) – 600 g;
    • hot boiled water – 1 liter;
    • sugar – 1 tsp;
    • salt – 1 tbsp;
    • Bay leaf – 1-2 PCs;
    • vinegar – 2 tsp;
    • pepper – to taste;
    • cloves – to taste.
Prepare the seaweed to marinating, to do this, add hot water in proportion 1:5 and let thaw. The cabbage needs to sit for 5-6 hours. As soon as it will thaw and begin to swell, rinse it in a colander under running water.
Place seaweed in a pot of cold water and boil until soft. Bringing the product to a boil, soak 20 minutes, then turn off the gas. Drain the resulting broth and pour again cabbage in warm water, boil for 20 minutes. Repeat the procedure three times. Thoroughly rinse the cabbage in cold water, allow the liquid to drain. Cool kelp and shred it long narrow strips. In this form, seaweed can be used as a basis for any salad.
Prepare the marinade for the boiled seaweed. Dissolve in hot water, the sugar, salt, add the spices: cloves, Bay leaves and pepper. The mixture put on fire and bring to a boil, boil for 3-5 minutes. Allow the mixture to cool.
In the cooled marinade add the vinegar and pour over seaweed. Before using the cabbage, let it stand in the marinade for a while.
Pickled laminaria is used as a main ingredient for salads, appetizers and also soups and a side dish to meat and fish dishes. The most amazing thing is that the jam of seaweed turns out to be very original and, of course, useful.
Useful advice
The choice of seaweed should be treated with the utmost seriousness. Buying the product in the store, find out her place of birth. Cabbage, grown in the waters of the tropical seas, its chemical composition contains less nutrients. Note the algae brought from the White and Barents seas, Russian laminaria superior in quality to any other.

Advice 2: How to cook seaweed

Seaweed, or kelp, is a real storehouse of nutrients: iodine, organic acids, mineral trace elements, vitamins A, b and C. the inclusion in the diet of dishes with seaweed improves the immune system, normalizes metabolism, regulates the level of cholesterol. In the shops of sea cabbage sold in canned, dried and frozen forms. Before use it should be boiled.
How to cook seaweed
You will need
  • For pickled seaweed:
  • - 600 g of cooked kelp;
  • - 2 cups of water;
  • - sugar;
  • Sol;
  • - Bay leaf;
  • - carnation;
  • - tablespoon of 3% vinegar.
Sort through dried sea cabbage, put in a strainer and rinse with warm boiled water. Put into another container and fill with fresh water at the rate of 1:8 (one part kelp, eight parts water). Leave the sea cabbage to soak for ten to twelve hours.
Thoroughly rinse kelp in running water, place in a pot, pour hot water in the same proportion 1:8 and put on medium heat. After boiling, cook the sea Kale until cooked for thirty to forty minutes. Then drain the broth.
For double boiling, pour rinsed after soaking the kelp with water 1:4 (one part seaweed, four parts water), boil after boiling for thirty minutes. Fold the kelp in a colander, and drain the broth. Pour sea cabbage with boiled water and boil for another half hour. With a slotted spoon to fish the kelp, refrigerate and use for cooking various dishes: borscht, pickle, soups, salads, stews, meatballs and casseroles.
Frozen sea cabbage before cooking defrost. To do this, dip it for thirty minutes in cool water (15-20 degrees). Then very carefully rinse with plenty of water.
Pour the kelp is cold water from calculation 1:2, place on high heat and bring to a boil. Boil fifteen or twenty minutes and pour the broth. Repeat this procedure two more times. The triple heat treatment of sea cabbage considerably improves its taste.
Tinned sea cabbage is ready to eat. But it is also recommended to boil for five minutes.
Marinated seaweed. Boil water, add sugar, salt, cloves, Bay leaf and boil for ten to fifteen minutes. Cool the marinade and pour the vinegar. Shred boiled sea cabbage noodles, pour the cold marinade and put in a cool place for eight hours-ten to marinate. Prepared according to this recipe kelp can be served as a side dish to vegetable and fish dishes, add to salads.
Boiled sea Kale can be stored in refrigerator several days and used as needed for cooking various dishes.
Useful advice
While cooking soup with sea cabbage, add boiled kelp at the same time passerovannym onions, and canned - along with the seasonings.

Advice 3: How to pickle cauliflower

Cauliflower – a real storehouse of vitamins. It contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates, organic acids, beneficial trace elements: phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper and many others. Fifty grams of cauliflower is enough to provide a person's daily value of vitamin C. Besides, it is well absorbed by the body and is easily digested.
How to pickle cauliflower
You will need
    • For pickled cauliflower quick cooking:
    • 500-600 g of cauliflower;
    • 1\3 Cup of vinegar (9 or 6%);
    • 1\2 Cup of vegetable oil;
    • 3-5 cloves of garlic;
    • 10 peas of black pepper;
    • 2 tsp sugar;
    • 1 tsp salt;
    • 4 Bay leaves;
    • 1\2 liter of water.
    • For pickled cabbage for future use (0.5 l jar):
    • 3-4 peas of fragrant pepper;
    • 2-3 pieces of bitter pepper;
    • 1-2 carnations;
    • a piece of cinnamon.
    • For the marinade (on 1 l of water):
    • 2 tsp. of the salt;
    • 1-3 tbsp of sugar;
    • 25 ml of vinegar.
Marinated cauliflower quick cooking

Disassemble the cauliflower into florets. Rinse in running water. Put in a saucepan, pour in cold water enough to just cover the florets and bring to boil. Boil two minutes, remove with a slotted spoon cabbage and cool under running water.
Put in a saucepan all the ingredients for the marinade: garlic, salt, sugar, pepper, Bay leaf. Pour 0.5 liters of water, vegetable oil and vinegar. If you like sour marinade, use 9% vinegar, and if you like it softer, add 5-6%. Bring all to a boil. When you dissolve sugar and salt, remove the pan from the heat and pour the hot marinade prepared cabbage. Cover tightly with a lid and let the marinade cool down. Then lay the cabbage in a clean jar and put a few hours in the refrigerator so that it better soaked. Although pickled cauliflower ready to eat.
Marinated cauliflower for the future

Collect for marinating dense white head with still unopened buds. Separate the leaves and rough parts, disassemble the cabbage into florets and thoroughly wash in cold water. To cauliflower not darkened, put it about forty minutes in salted water (15 g of salt per liter of water).
Pour in a pan of water, add one liter of 25 g of salt and 1.5 g of citric acid. Boil the solution and boil this cauliflower 2-4 minutes (the time depends on the ripeness of the buds) and immediately cool in cold water.
On the bottom of the clean glass jars, put the peas of black pepper and pieces of bitter Cayenne, cinnamon, cloves. Place cauliflower buds to the walls.
Prepare a filling with the addition of sugar, salt and of vinegar.
Pour boiling solution cabbage in jars and sterilize them in boiling water (half-liter for 5-6 minutes are enough for liter – 7-8).
Then cover the jars, quickly roll up and turn upside down to cool.
Useful advice
Marinade recipe for cauliflower quick cooking can also be used for marinating mushrooms.
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