You will need
  • - the plunger,
  • tool for cleaning blockages
  • washing powder, soda and vinegar.
Quite old and proven method of cleaning pipes plunger. But not everyone is familiar with this thing. And to acquire this tool is possible only in a specialized hardware store. The principle of operation is quite simple. Take the plunger with two hands for wooden handrail, sending a rubber tip to the site of blockage. Push them firmly against the drain pipe and cut to try to clean the sink. All the garbage that you have come to the surface need to be removed. To do this, prepare a special rubber gloves.
Modern household chemical manufacturers have long stepped forward, and today, in addition to the usual detergents and cleaners, are happy to provide a number of different medications for clearing blockages. Use them very easily, since each package provides detailed instructions. Tool pour (pour) into the drain hole for the time specified on the label. After that, rinse it with plenty of hot water. This procedure can be done as preventive maintenance, 1 time in 2-3 months.
Traditional recipes are also popular and diverse. But do not forget that applying the advice of friends and relatives, you can cause serious damage to pipes (especially if they are made of plastic). One of the most common ways of cleaning the clog in the sink – a mixture of washing powder, soda and vinegar. Pour into the drain hole of the washing powder and soda (in equal proportions, for example, 1 tablespoon). Consistency pour the vinegar (1-2 tablespoons) and leave for 15-20 minutes. Then drain rinse with hot water. This method will perfectly eliminate minor blockages.
If the clog in the sink is quite serious, and you are not helping any contemporary or traditional remedies, the last hope of a plumber. This wizard you can draw from your housing management. To do this, call in a management company serving your house, and leave the application, and better come and get her personally, making sure that it was used for execution. This method is bad because the wait time can be stretched indefinitely. To help in this case, you will come to the master Declaration. With him you will discuss the time and a provisional sum for services rendered.