Prior to the interview formulate questions that will help you assess the skills of the sales Manager. For example: "have you ever been informed to search for new customers, or you already worked with permanent?", "How many people you can meet in one day?", "Was there ever a situation that you could not cope, or conversely, overfulfilled the sales plan?".
When we first met with a sales Manager pay attention to his appearance. The style of this employee should be a business. The appearance should be pleasing voice - to win. Also focus on the correctness of speech, demeanor, presentation of ideas. The Manager must communicate clearly, correctly, look straight in the eye, to be sure, the voice needs to be firm.
To ensure its professionalism, act out a little scene. Protect your client. The Manager must try to persuade you to buy products, and do it very well and not Intrusive, because the duties of this officer include the ability to offer the goods so that the buyer wanted to buy it.
Invite him to pass a test, for example, in the assessment of consumer demand. Some recruiters resort to psychological issues, but to do this, consult a psychologist. Well if he will be present at the interview.
Carefully read the summary of the prospective employee, please note in skills and abilities. Also, review the section "Education". Very well, if the candidate previously held various trainings and participated in conferences and seminars.
In that case, if the candidate is not trustworthy or you understand that it does not suit you – tell me about it. No need giving them hope with the words: "We will bear you in mind".