You will need
  • Mozilla Firefox.
Update Firefox to the latest version on the official website of the program and determine the location of its files (the default location is C:Documents and Settingsимя_пользователяМои of documenttypename).
Download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player for Firefox from the official site Adobe Flash Macromedia a standard method of maintaining the desired file "Save as from the shortcut menu click the right mouse button on the selected object, but do not install it!
Change the extension of the downloaded archive .xpi on .zip to define the necessary files in the archive programs and perform actions with them.
Unzip the folder containing the files, and create copies of the two files flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll.
Move the copy to the plugins folder located in C:Documents and Settingsимя_пользователяМои документыПрограммыFirefoxplugins.
Shut down the browser and restart Firefox.
Open the context menu of Mozilla Firefox click right mouse button and go to "Properties to determine the path to the desired folder plugins.
Create the missing folder in the plugins directory with a browser Vozilla Firefox, then copy the necessary files flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll.
As an alternative, use features of Flash, download and install the latest version of Google Chrome browser, originally supplied with a built-in Flash-plugin.
Another way: use the Portable version of the major browsers to install Flash Player with no administrator rights.