In the activation process program accesses to the web server, so before you begin entering code, make sure the computer is connected to the global network.
Open the main antivirus program - click on the icon in the system tray or click the "Kaspersky antivirus" in the "All programs" in the main menu of the operating system. If the OS is included in the Kaspersky gadget Gadget to open the application interface by clicking on the image, the green monitor on it.
At the bottom right corner of the window interface antivirus click with the mouse pointer over the label "Enter activation code". The following software downloads page, click "Activate the application" and it the form appears with two choices - activate a commercial or trial versions.
Check the box next to "Activate commercial version" and then enter in the four boxes of the form received from the manufacturer dvadtsatiletnej key groups of five characters. Click "Next" and the antivirus will send the entered data to the server.
The server scripts will check the activation code and return to the computer, the special key file with the corresponding license. If in the process of sending or receiving data will happen any failure, you will receive a message with the sad title "Activation failed" and the two options for further action. You can click "Retry activation" or go to the website specified here, and links to the necessary file manually, taking the code into the appropriate web form. Loaded this way the file should be transferred to the antivirus using the standard open file dialog - it is started by pressing the "Browse"button.
After one of the methods of the previous step will be able to obtain and install the license file in the program window will show the type of license and date of expiration. Click "Finish" to complete the procedure.