You will need
  • - a Windows installation disc.
There are three main methods to repair the operating system using a bootable disc of Windows Vista and Seven. First turn on the computer and hold the Delete key. It is necessary to enter in the BIOS menu.
Find the Boot Device menu and select the item Boot Device Priority. Enable the boot priority for your drive. Press F10 and wait for the appearance of the inscription Press any key to boot from Cd. Press any key.
Click "advanced restore options" window appears with the relevant paragraph. If the reason for the failure of the operating system in the incorrect boot files, then select "startup repair". Wait until this process is complete and restart the computer.
If this method does not work, repeat the process of entering the menu "advanced restore options" and select "system Restore". Click the "Show more restore points", Select a control point and then click Next. To successfully use this feature, you must have control points created automatically or manually. Usually the automatic creation of such records is active immediately after installing Windows.
If you manually created a backup copy of the operating system, you can use it to restore the OS settings. Select "Restore system image". Recommend to pre-connect a USB flash drive if system image is stored. If you use DVDs to record a system image, first select the storage location of the image.
When you see the text "Insert the first disc", perform this procedure. Usually the image of Windows Seven or Vista is stored on four or five DVD disks. Recommended to number these disks while creating system image. Alternately, insert disc when a suitable inscription.