Disconnect the computer from the power supply. Disconnect the interface cable from the monitor connector of the graphics card. Remove the side panel of the system unit by unscrewing the fastening screws. If you have an external video card, remove it from the slot akruti screw and squeeze the plastic clips that fix it. Usually on the video card write the model and name of manufacturer.
If the graphics card is integrated, look for the motherboard model name. Replace side panel and turn on the computer. After booting the system go to the website of the motherboard manufacturer and look features integrated video card.
To learn the manufacturer can be another way. Right-click on the icon "My computer" and select "Properties". In the properties window go to the tab "Hardware" and click "device Manager". The device model which the system has not determined are marked with yellow question marks. Right-click the video card icon and choose from the drop-down menu "Properties". Go to the properties window on the tab "Information". In the window of the list of properties will appear the item "device instance ID" and in the lower window code, like this:

To obtain information about the model and the manufacturer, note the two code snippets:

- VEN (vendor) vendor, next four digits – code of the manufacturer;
- DEV (device) device numbers – code device.
Go to the website and enter in the field “searchvendor” manufacturer code. In this example it is 1002. After searching, the program gives the result: ATI Technologies Inc. / Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
If you need to know the adapter model, click the name of the manufacturer and enter in the field “searchdevice” device code, in this case, 9611. The result of this search: ATI RADEON 3100 Graphics