Calculate the approximate amount of water required for your needs in order to correctly determine the flow rate of the water pump.
Define the time during which the pump needs to pump the required amount of water. This will allow you to choose the right power head.
Note the number of water points and number of family members to make a more accurate selection of the pump characteristics.
Let's see what material the impeller, shaft and pump housing. Long term guarantee parts made from stainless steel or durable plastic.
Choose a water pump with bearings made of ceramic, which experts consider high-tech.
Pay attention to the presence in the system pump soft start which protects the device from the "stressful situation" during startup, which significantly prolongs its service life.
Check the thickness of the cable insulation, which is used to protect the engine from possible short circuits by prolonged contact with water.
Ask whether the water pump is a special protection which prevents the engine from damage as a result of possible voltage fluctuations in the electrical network.
Pick up the tank for the device, to avoid problems with the water system. To determine the optimal capacity to consult with a specialist.
Advanced purchase special filters that will delay the substances that can cause damage to the device.
Choose an improved economical model of a water pump that will allow to obtain a sufficient quantity of water at a low cost of electricity.
Buy the device mounted automatic control system. She sets the optimal mode of operation and functionality will inform you of any problems.