To open access content directory for all users working on your computer, then right click the folder and select "Properties". Go to the tab "Access" and click "share".
In the new window you can define who will have access to the contents of the folder. Expand the list proposed solutions, by clicking on the down arrow, and choose users by name or group All. Click "Add".
If you do not want other users to make changes to the shared folder, choose from the located to the right of the list of allowed actions only "Read" for the owner of the computer "Read and write". Click "share" to confirm the selection.
In the control panel, expand the "Network and Internet, click network and sharing Center..." and click on "Change advanced sharing settings". In the new window, select "Turn on network discovery" "Turn file and printer sharing" and "Enable shared folder access".
You can turn off password protection sharing. If you leave the protection enabled, you will have to create an account and tell the password to all users who want on the network to examine the contents of your folders. Click "Save".
Click on the folder, right click, select "Properties" and go to the tab "Access". Click "Advanced setup" to the contents of the folder can be viewed over the network. In the properties window, advanced settings, check the box next to "share this folder". In the line "share Options" can enter a new folder name that will be visible on the network.
Limit the number of users who access the folder, if desired. Click "Permissions". If you choose to open folder to all nodes in the network, select the Everyone group and set it to the list of allowed actions. Press OK to confirm.