Purchase a disk with the operating system. Start your personal computer. Insert the disc in the drive. Go into the bios. To do this, when you start the computer press delete. You will see a blue screen with menu items, distributed in two columns.
Among them, look for Boot Options. Navigate to it with the arrow keys, then press the Enter button. In the paragraph, locate Boot Device Priority. As the primary boot device, select your drive. After that save the changes.
To do this, go to the main bios menu with the button Esc. Select item Save & Exit Setup. Press Enter, then y, then Enter. Restarting your personal computer will happen automatically.
Select the installation language of the operating system. After that, you will see a list of hard drives. Most likely, the list will be only one disk, because the "naked" computer one is not specifically partition the drive into multiple local.
Click on the "drive options", then click "Delete". Then click "Create". Specify the size of the local disk which will serve the system. If you install the operating system one of the latest versions such as Windows Vista or 7, the volume of the local disk should be less than 50 GB. Second local disk will be created automatically. He will be assigned to all remaining disk space.
Accept the change to install the system on a new computer. Next, start the installation of the operating system. In the next 30-40 minutes, you will act solely as an observer. During the installation process the system will acquaint you with its features and differences from the previous version. After it is installed, the computer will restart automatically. The operating system is installed, your personal computer is ready to work.