You will need
  • Yarn, knitting needles, knitting magazines, computer with Internet access the tape for taking measurements, graph paper to construct patterns
Select the model of sweater you would like to associate to their men. Review the knitting magazines with male models. Search the Internet for sites devoted to knitting and offer models for men.
Select and buy yarn. The yarn can be from fine cotton to the thickest wool. Choosing the right yarn depends on the model of sweater you chose for knitting. Don't forget that the thickness of the spokes, which you will knit must match the thickness of the yarn you have chosen. So pay attention to what needles you have in stock and whether they are suitable for your work.
Take the measurements with your men.

You will need a few basic standards.

The circumference of the neck. This measure is necessary for the proper vyvazhivanija neck.

The length of the shoulder. Measured from the neck to the shoulder joint.

Sleeve length. Measure from shoulder joint till desired length of the sleeve.

Further, if the sleeve is long, measure the circumference of the wrist. If it is assumed short sleeve, measure circumference of the forearm.

The next measurement is the width of the back. Measured from armpit to armpit.

Finally, the length of the product. Measured on the back from the seventh cervical vertebra and down to the desired length jackets.
These few measures enough to tie mens jacket, since almost all men's sweaters (sweaters, vests and the like) have a straight rectangular silhouette.

Build a pattern in full size. Use the measurements you've taken, and the schema specified in the description of the model you chose for knitting. After you have built all the pattern pieces (back, front, sleeve), start knitting.
If you want to create something individual and exclusive, for the pattern to use any scheme from any description of men's knit cardigans. And the pattern of your choice using books and magazines (of which a huge variety in shops and newspaper stands) or patterns that you find on the Internet.