Advice 1: How to write an interesting book

Everyone at least once in a lifetime dream to write a book. To throw out the emotions, to tell about his life - the reasons can be many. It is important not to forget that the book should be of interest to the reader, and then success is assured.
How to write an interesting book
Disputes about who can write a good book, being years. Some shout about the talent, the other about compliance with the rules. Of course, talent, desire and creativity required to create literary works, but following the basic rules of logical subordination of creativity to the process too is important.
Define your future audience. This step is determining when the book was already written, so to take care of him stands in the very beginning. To whom, for whom and why do we need your book? What you want to convey to readers? Only by answering these questions, move on. Understanding the potential audience has a huge impact on the style and focus of the book. Don't forget about the interests and needs of future readers, but in this case, the book will be interesting for them.
Develop a plot and select a genre. Shall describe the main characters, the minor, their relationship, outlining the events. Over time, the many leaves of notes connected in a logical sequence that will help not to lose the thread of the narrative, departing from the storyline in this book. Don't be afraid in the process to swap the paragraphs, pages, chapters. It is your work and only you can feel it and control its structure. Don't forget when choosing the subjects of the book that it is, you have to understand and have enough knowledge, otherwise, the book will completely empty contents.
Remember about the details. Description of the interior, the exterior, nature - all this helps to create the mood of the book to the author and the reader to dive into the story head first. It is the details that engage the reader into the story, making it invisible participant in the events occurring on the pages in his hands.
Do not attempt to subdue the process of writing a clear schedule. Inspiration does not come to order. Write when you feel ready to splash out a part of yourself on the page, no matter the day or late at night. Follow intuition.
Leave the name selection works on the final stage. When the book is ready, you know every page, every plot twist and move the hero - at this moment better to consider the name. It will result from everything you, from the very process of creation.
Remember that writing a book isn't always to obtain recognition. Do not despair and work with even greater strength, but persistence and creativity will lead you to the Olympus of success.
Useful advice
If the purpose of writing the book is the material gain, success should not count. The reader feels the lack of soul in the lines and it will negatively affect the rating of the writer.

Advice 2 : How to write a poster

Poster – an advertisement announcing the coming event is of a public nature and allowing you to quickly notify a wide audience. Such event may be a concert, a circus show, theatrical performance, other cultural and entertainment or sporting event.
How to write a poster
You will need
  • - a large sheet of drawing paper - a size not less than A3;
  • - the choice: watercolor or gouache, colored pencils, markers, crayons;
  • - scissors;
  • - pictures from magazines, suitable theme for your event;
  • - colored paper;
  • - a sheet of paper – A4;
  • - fountain pen.
When creating posters it is important to note that it is the first opinion should influence the viewer and to create the effect of "a passing glance", in which the viewer instantly sees the information on the advertised topic and decides to meet him with the information closer. Therefore, considerable attention is paid to composition, colours and text. Correctly decide on the location for the posters. Perhaps this is most crowded place of the intended target audience of your event (for example, in front of the University building) or the place where a large number of people.
Start with what you write on a sheet of paper all the text data that will be on your poster.
Invent a memorable title your event, which reflects the essence of an announced event.
Write a brief summary of the event - a short text that carries the information about the event. Ideally, if it consists of one sentence, maximum of 3 sentences. The text should not be boring explanation. It can be a famous quote or slogan.
Specify the date, time and place of the event.
Make a list of the participants and sponsors of the event.
If necessary, add the cost of tickets and information about the dress code. For example, if your Billboard invites you to visit the carnival, you can write that entrance in masks.
Do not forget to specify contact information for more information. Perhaps it will be a phone number or website address where you can get more information about the event.
Now we can start directly to work on the poster.
Lay a sheet of drawing paper so that you feel comfortable to work with him on the floor or on the table.
The background is the base of the Billboard. Can leave it white, you can paint in one color or picture background picture. Importantly, the background was not spotted, it should be clearly visible all the text.
Big, beautiful and clearly write at the top of the sheet the event name. For example, this can be done in the following way: the first line is not very large print - "Christmas masquerade", the second line very large capital letters - "MYSTERIOUS NIGHT."
Called, center, write the date and time in the same style and the same size as the text in the first line.
Further, in the left part, indicate the location and contact details underneath.
At the same height on the right side write a brief summary of the event.
In the bottom of the page will post information about the sponsors. This information is not required to read from a distance and conspicuous, but it should be quite readable at close range.
On the remaining free space in the center of the sheet in a column write the composition of participants, and under them the tickets and information about the dress code.
Decorate the poster with pictures. If you have pictures of some of the participants or suitable for the theme of pictures – will post them in artistic disorder on the free space on both sides of the list of participants.
The poster of your event ready.
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