Disputes about who can write a good book, being years. Some shout about the talent, the other about compliance with the rules. Of course, talent, desire and creativity required to create literary works, but following the basic rules of logical subordination of creativity to the process too is important.
Define your future audience. This step is determining when the book was already written, so to take care of him stands in the very beginning. To whom, for whom and why do we need your book? What you want to convey to readers? Only by answering these questions, move on. Understanding the potential audience has a huge impact on the style and focus of the book. Don't forget about the interests and needs of future readers, but in this case, the book will be interesting for them.
Develop a plot and select a genre. Shall describe the main characters, the minor, their relationship, outlining the events. Over time, the many leaves of notes connected in a logical sequence that will help not to lose the thread of the narrative, departing from the storyline in this book. Don't be afraid in the process to swap the paragraphs, pages, chapters. It is your work and only you can feel it and control its structure. Don't forget when choosing the subjects of the book that it is, you have to understand and have enough knowledge, otherwise, the book will completely empty contents.
Remember about the details. Description of the interior, the exterior, nature - all this helps to create the mood of the book to the author and the reader to dive into the story head first. It is the details that engage the reader into the story, making it invisible participant in the events occurring on the pages in his hands.
Do not attempt to subdue the process of writing a clear schedule. Inspiration does not come to order. Write when you feel ready to splash out a part of yourself on the page, no matter the day or late at night. Follow intuition.
Leave the name selection works on the final stage. When the book is ready, you know every page, every plot twist and move the hero - at this moment better to consider the name. It will result from everything you, from the very process of creation.
Remember that writing a book isn't always to obtain recognition. Do not despair and work with even greater strength, but persistence and creativity will lead you to the Olympus of success.