You will need
  • Bank 500 ml;
  • - the bottle;
  • thread;
  • rail;
  • - bait.
Start the fight with the mice with a thorough cleaning of the house. Throw all food waste, vacuum all the corners and hard to reach areas. A day or two later rodents will be nothing left except to spread out your bait.
Take a glass bottle with a volume of 750-1000 ml and pour a little sunflower oil. The oil should be unrefined, because the smell of sunflower seeds attracts mice. Locate the rail about a meter long and a width of 1,5-2 see Install the rail so that one end lay on the neck of the bottle without closing the holes, the second end on the floor. The scent of the seeds, the mouse will pass through the rail and fall into the bottle.
Cut from cardboard a small square the size of 1.5-2 cm place the cardboard and a small piece of bait on a thread. Using tape secure the loose end of the thread inside the jar, on the bottom. Invert jar and place it on one side of the neck on the Board, which is on the other end of the thread. The thread must be very tight. The mouse will climb in the jar touches the bait from touching the cardboard will fall and the rodent will be trapped. Instead of cardboard you can use a 50 penny coin, securing it with filament tape.
Buy glue for rodent control. Put the bait in the center of the cardboard, and around apply the glue layer within 1.5-2 cm, Place the trap in a place where most often appears mouse. Getting on the adhesive, rodent cannot get out of it. The glue contains no harmful ingredients and is entirely safe for humans.
Find slit through which a rodent gets into your house. To do this, lay a lot of lures and watch where mostly they are eaten. Discovered a crack zacamintului. If the hole is very big hammer its broken glass.