Check whether your drive recording function. Usually you can tell by the engraving on the cover of the drive: DVD-RW. If the lid is covered with, or there is in principle no notes, check the device name in the system. If you open "My computer" DVD-rom is marked as DWD-RW, it has a recording function. In extreme cases, insert a "blank" (an empty DVD) in the drive and click right button of the mouse. If you see the signature "burn files to disc", then you're able to do it.
Purchase a blank DVD-RW disc. As mentioned above, it is referred to as the "blank". Pay attention to disk space when you purchase – this parameter accepts two different values because of different manufacturers and various recording methods (in particular "double-layered" DVD). Therefore, make sure that the size of the recorded file was less than or equal to the size of the disk.
The recording can be performed by using Windows or by using third-party programs. It is worth noting that the Windows XP feature very badly and on many computers is unstable: it is better to prefer specialized software. Windows 7, by contrast, offers very fast and reliable system to work with drives which, as a rule, not satisfactory. However, if you plan to use the recording function on a regular basis, it is better to prefer "Nero: burning rom" - the most known program to work with RW, which guarantees the quality.
Recording movies note on the file system of the future drive. In simple language, the files can be recorded in different ways. If you want to move the movie to another computer and see there, it is quite suitable "regular" version of the record. If the disk can be inserted into a DVD player, and record it should be in a special way ("to Create a CD for video"). In this case, on the disc there will be no more free space and it will be recognized solely as a carrier of video.