Advice 1: How to make translucent background

Image with transparent background look gracefully at any site due to the fact that they seem as if made of frosted glass. Such pictures, parts, translucent background picture web pages can be used to navigate on the website, as well as the logo elements or blocks of the resource. Half transparent background of any image you can easily do in the program "Photoshop".
How to make translucent background
You will need
  • - the program "the Photoshop"
  • the image that you want to do a translucent background.
  • - know how to create a new layer
  • - be able to use the Fill tool to draw shapes in photoshop
Double-click on the layer name with a picture in the box that appears write any new name for this layer. It is necessary for the free movement of this layer and make the background transparent when you remove parts of the picture. If the image is already opaque uniform background, then select it with the Magic wand." To do this, select the tool on the toolbar and click on the background color, then selects all pixels of a specified colour (which was produced by a mouse click) within a closed region. Delete the highlighted, pressing the Delete key.
the selection of the background of the tool ‘Magic wand"
If the background image is heterogeneous, then select the picture tool "polygonal lasso" or "Pen". If you highlight the image with the Pen tool will lay out the right path and, if necessary, edit it with the tool "Pen+". When editing with this tool you can add control points click on the line created by the loop, and moving the points to change the curve. Then, without removing the cursor from the outline, click the right mouse button and select "Form selection. Feather set the value to 0 pixels and tick the anti-Aliasing. As a result of these actions, the circuit will be converted into a selection. Delete the highlighted, pressing the Delete key.
The selection of the image tool “polygonal lasso”
Create a new layer and position it below the layer with the picture. Hovering the cursor over it, click the left mouse button and, without releasing the button, move the cursor below the layer with the image. This way you drag the new layer below the layer with the picture. Below the image, create yet opaque background of the desired color and the desired shape.
creating a new background on the bottom layer
In the window "Layers" at the bottom layer, set the desired percentage of opacity by moving the lever in the "Opacity" and watching the change in the transparency of the background of the picture. The less opacity, the more transparent the background will be; the more - neposredne.
adjust the opacity of the layer with <strong>background</strong>
Save the image using the command "File-Save as" in PNG format because only this format is able to convey the transparency and translucency of the picture.

Advice 2: How to make transparent logo

When creating a logo it is highly desirable to have the ability to make its background transparent - in this case it will be more organically fit into any design, be it web site, Word document, flash or video etc. in addition a translucent logo can be applied as vatermarki on images and photos. The most common tool for this kind of graphic work - Adobe Photoshop.
How to make transparent logo
Run the GUI editor and upload, or create from scratch the logo itself - this part of the work depends entirely on your artistic preferences and initial data (company name, clan or organization, symbols that should be placed on the logo, etc.).
Place all the layers in a psd document in the same folder - in this case, there will be no need to adjust the transparency of each layer individually, and you can do it for the whole entire folder. To do this, click in the bottom right of the layers panel icon, when you hover over that POPs up the words "Create new group" and then select the layers and drag them to the folder you created. If the document exists and the background layer, it don't need to move - keep the outside of the folder.
Turn off visibility of background layer by clicking the icon with the image of the eye at the left edge of the row belonging to this layer. Actually, editing this can be completed if the logo itself should be opaque and transparent should be only the background - in this case skip the next step.
Select the folder you created (click on it with the mouse cursor if you want the logo to make partially transparent. Then open the drop-down list next to "Opacity" and use the slider to choose the most appropriate degree of transparency of the logo.
Trim the excess space around the logo so we can use it in the future. Open the menu of the graphic editor of section "Image" and select "Trimming". In the window that will open, check the box to "transparent pixels" and click "OK". The editor will resize in accordance with the width and height of your logo.
Save the logo in the native format of Adobe Photoshop. This file you will need in case if you need to make any changes. The save dialog is opened by pressing ctrl + s.
Create an optimized file with the logo that can be placed in the documents you need. To do this, press alt + shift + ctrl + s and the window image optimization open. It is designed to ensure that you have the opportunity to choose the most appropriate graphical format, and picked up for him are picture settings that give the optimal ratio between the quality and weight of the generated file. The second from the top drop-down list contains the possible file types - select either gif or png. These two formats support transparency, unlike, for example, from a jpeg format. Keep in mind that the png format does not always properly displayed with Internet Explorer. Then make sure that the checkbox "Transparency" offered mark, and then click "Save".
Specify the save location in your computer and the file name of the logo, and then click the "Save"button.
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