You will need
  • Plasticine, PVA glue, scissors, paintbrush, paper, masking tape, plaster, bandage, sponge, white and red paint, two flap black nylon, two bolts, thick rubber band, drill, children's mask for the basics. It is better to base the mask of a cartoon character (e.g. spider-man), reminiscent of a Jason mask.
So, to start, take a mask-based and glue it with plasticine to make the shape of the future mask of Jason. Then clay stick masking tape and cover the blank plaster. Masking tape is necessary to, first, the cast had no particle of the clay, and secondly, that the mask was smooth on the inside.
Dried plaster blank again, coat with a thin layer of clay in order that subsequent layers of paper better mix with surface. Next, start to do to form a mask using the technique of papier-mâché: place a layer of small pieces of paper soaked in water, then a layer of PVA glue. After a couple of layers of paper better lay in a layer of bandage, impregnated with adhesive so the mask will be stronger. The top layer, run from the dense white paper. And remember that harvesting should not be too thick and 3-5 mm is enough.
After the papier-mache dries, cut holes for eyes and using a drill make small holes in pattern mask. Then the inside of the eye holes, close the flaps of black nylon – so that your eyes could not see, when you put on the mask. Then use the bolts to attach the elastic band that holds the mask on the head. Now you only have to paint the mask in white and using a stencil to make the red markings.