You will need
  • Software:
  • - any Internet browser.
  • - Kmplayer.
The literal translation of swf (ShockWave Flash) – "shock wave Flash". Therefore, it is possible to suspect how popular this area of animation. Therefore, any modern browser that runs on Windows, Unix systems, can display swf.
To preview a swf animation you must install the latest version of your Internet browser, you can do it on the official website of the company. The browser will need to download an additional plugin – Adobe Flash Player. It is worth noting that for Google Chrome the plugin is not needed because it is already built into the program, during the upgrade the browser will automatically update this plugin.
Right click on animation file and select from context menu "Open with", if not will have one installed you browsers, click "Choose program".
In the opened window, select the appropriate program, if it is not in this list, click the "Browse" button. Specify the path to the application's executable file and click "Open". In the selection window of the program tick the box next to "Use it for all types.
Files in the swf format can be open using any of videoproof agrivates, consider the example of Kmplayer. After installing it files flash animation can be access in the same way as when using the Internet browser or use the standard startup file from the program window.
Open Kmplayer, by double-clicking on the icon showing a monitor. Press Ctrl + O to open a flash video, its playback starts automatically.
In 99 cases out of 100 Kmplayer plays videos without installing special codecs, but the creators of the animations use different ways of encoding video, so it makes sense to play it safe and install the most popular set of codecs K-lite Pack Codeс.