You will need
  • - access to the Internet.
First try to install the "native" driver for your sound card. Use the disc supplied with the computer. If the system unit is installed integrated into the motherboard sound card, drivers for it can reside on the disk from the motherboard.
If these disks you have, then connect to the Internet and visit the website of the manufacturer of this model sound card or motherboard. Try out set of files suitable for your device. Open the properties menu of "My computer" and navigate to device Manager.
Now locate the name of the sound adapter and click right button of the mouse. Select "Update driver software". In the ensuing menu, click on "install from a list or specific location". Now specify the folder in which you saved the downloaded files. Recommended pre-fetch data from the archive.
Unfortunately, it is not always possible to correctly choose independently the necessary drivers. Download Sam Drivers intended for automatic selection and installation of suitable drivers for most devices. Run this program and select Driver Install Assistance.
Now wait some time for a utility could scan the connected device and to find the appropriate sets of files. After completing this procedure, check the box next to items Audio New and Audio Other. Now click the "Install selected sets (2)". In the ensuing menu, select "silent installation".
Wait for process to finish the update files. Then restart the computer. Check the operation of the sound card. Open the application whose icon should appear in the system tray. Configure the settings for the sound adapter.