Advice 1: How to cook liver

Pluck is called the inner organs of beasts and birds, which have nutritional value. It is, first and foremost, the liver is the most valuable part of it, as well as the heart, lungs, kidneys, stomach and udder. Liver contains vitamins and minerals in larger quantities than meat, so they should not be neglected. Young children are very useful liver that contain vitamin D. Other organs, too, are useful when used. Besides expertly cooked liver - it's just delicious.
How to cook liver
You will need
    • liver - 300 g;
    • heart - 300 g;
    • light - 300 g;
    • kidneys - 200 g;
    • onion - 3 medium onions;
    • carrots - 2 pieces;
    • salt - to taste;
    • black pepper and spices - to taste.
Prepare the filling for pies or pancakes. To do this, take the liver, heart and lungs. Boil them separately: heart - 1.5 hours, easy 1 - hour, while the liver fry 10 minutes in vegetable oil. All twisted in a meat grinder.
Finely slice the onion and grate the carrots on a coarse grater. Fry the vegetables in vegetable oil and add to the liver. Mix well, pour a little broth in the stuffing so it does not crumbled. Add the black pepper and any spices to taste. The mince for the filling of pies ready, they can be made of unleavened or leavened dough, baked or fried.
Prepare liver pate. Liver fry in vegetable oil onions and carrots too. All will be twisted in a meat grinder, add spices and a little butter to bind to the pate can be spread on bread. The most delicious pate is obtained from beef liver, but can be prepared from pork or chicken.
Liver can prepare sausages. Also prepare and add the chopped boiled kidney. The kidneys before cooking should be well soaked for several hours, frequently changing the water to remove unpleasant odour and taste, then cook for about an hour. Along with liver will be twisted in a meat grinder onion, add raw eggs - 10 pieces, pepper and spices. Fill the prepared stuffing guts and boil sausages for 30-40 minutes on low heat to burst. Then bake them in the oven for about an hour, pre-punctures of the intestines with a fork. Delicious liverwurst.
For cooking use beef, pork, veal, mutton liver and chicken, goose or Turkey liver.
Useful advice
Stuffed with offal you can also prepare the dumplings.

Light before cooking you must soak and cook them with the kidneys together.

For good taste and smell cook the liver with the onion and Bay leaf.

In a filling for pies, you can add steep the chopped eggs.

Advice 2: How to make a yeast dough on sour milk

The lush and soft yeast cakes, pies and especially the pancakes out of sour dough. It is based on milk products: kefir, yogurt, whey, sour cream, diluted with water, or just sour milk.
How to make a yeast dough on sour milk
If you have sour milk, do not worry. Need just a few extra ingredients to get the mountain vkusnyuschie thick and puffy pancakes or baking soft melting in your mouth pies.

The dough for pancakes and fritters

– 1 liter of sour milk,
– one pound of flour,
– teaspoon of salt,
– tablespoon of sugar,
– 30 g of yeast (the third pack),
– 2 eggs,
– vegetable oil.

Dry yeast are measured by one packet (11 g) equivalent to half of a pack (50g) fresh.

Pancakes and pies, you can prepare the yeast dough. The dough is mixed without eggs and oil, and allowed to stand for twelve hours. It fits several times, precipitated and becomes more acidic. For pancake batter liquid. For pancakes – thicker.

If no dough, you knead the dough immediately. First, dissolve the yeast in a little warm sweet water and fit. Then whipped eggs, poured back room temperature sour milk, osypaetsya salt, flour, all whipped in, add the yeast and vegetable oil (about 60 grams). The dough will be a little bit thick. When it came, to pour boiling water into it and mix well (precipitate). Then let it rise and repeat the operation. Now you can bake pancakes, brushing the pan with oil.

The dough for pies and tarts

– 700 g of sour milk,
– 1 kilogram of flour
– 50 g of yeast,
– 2 eggs,
– teaspoon of salt,
– dining room – sugar,
– butter or oil.

For pies of dough on sour milk is also better to prepare the dough. But you can use a quick method. If the dough is lean, you can do vegetable oil (120 g). If butter is added to it 300 g butter (margarine). The dough is made as for pancakes – for the night. Straight dough method – the same as for pancakes just the batter is much thicker. The dough should be allowed to come once. During this time, prepare the filling. Then sculpt cakes, wait until they will fit on the baking sheet, and bake in the oven or fry in oil.

The baking pan before putting on the patties, should be lubricated with oil or margarine. The finished pies can be lubricated with melted butter so that they become softer, thicker and longer callous.

For pies, you can use different toppings:
the liver and entrails (offal);
– cottage cheese;
– eggs;
green onions;
– potatoes;
– carrot;
– cabbage (fresh or pickled;
– mushrooms;
– rice, buckwheat;
– jam or dried fruit.

If cakes prepared with sweet filling (jam, dried fruit) the dough is placed a double portion of sugar.
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