If any film you have seen recently, and you have access to a TV program, it's easy to figure out what film struck you most.
If TV shows no, the movie you watched five years ago, but find it really want, we offer several options.
First, you can search the movie name in search engines for keywords. Certainly one of the references will lead either to the movie or discussing it.
This method is suitable in the case if you remember the details.
If the items you vaguely remember, but are you struck by the main character - go to the website of the actor who played the hero. Any self-respecting website contains information about films and played roles.
It is possible to calculate the approximate age of the actor or the time period in which the movie was made - the number of versions of shrink and find the name of the movie will be easier.
If an actor you did not like, but "hooked" story, look up the movie on specialized sites. At least you will be limited to a search in one genre, and you don't have to look for romance among the militants.
If all of the above - not for you (you watched the movie a long time ago, you absolutely are not important actors, the story, and do you like the work of the operator and the music in the credits), go to specialized community in LiveJournal, Vkontakte, Facebook, etc.
In them you will be able to address my question to the people. And certainly among thousands of users there who can identify the movie by this description: "I Remember two heroes. First they walked through the desert, then they fought, and in ten days one of them is married."