You will need
    • lemons;
    • plain paper;
    • sharp knife;
    • grater.
Thoroughly rinse the lemons, so they did not have any dirt, and scald them with boiling water. This is necessary in order to peel easily separated from the white layer underneath the peel. If the lemons have special labeled stickers, then remove them so as not to leave any traces.
With a sharp knife, cut the peel of lemon. This should be done carefully so as not to capture subcortical porous layer. The peel is easiest to cut in the form of a spiral ribbon.
Lay the zest on a plate in a thin layer and cover with a clean sheet of paper, leave in a dry place for a few days. It is best for drying suitable ventilated window sill or balcony. Every day the zest you need to turn that drying is uniform.
When the rind becomes brittle, then it dried up. Now grind it to a powder and the resulting bulk powder in a jar in which you store the zest. Dry grind the peel with your hands or with a spoon.
You can make a lemon zest and a slightly different way. RUB lemon grated, grated peel obtained leave in the sun for a few days for it to be dry. Using this method, the peel turns a lower quality, as by rubbing together with the zest is rubbed and loose white outer layer, which should not be present in the finished powder. In addition, when rubbing can get, the juice and pulp of lemon, in this case when added to a dish like this peel will feel the bitter taste of lemon.