You will need
  • - hiding places in the house;
  • reserve online wallet.
Every day you carry a small and medium amounts of cash. To protect your money from pickpockets, close the bag, do not store the entire amount in one place (e.g. in your wallet) when traveling in public transport keep your bag in front of him (not from the side or behind).
Correctly selected purse and bag will also help you to save your money. When choosing a wallet, do not buy a flashy model. Getting at the cash register the money of the bright, shiny, expensive purse, you will definitely attract the attention of thieves. When buying bags give preference to models with a rigid padded walls. Cut a bag and pull out her wallet extremely difficult.
In no notable weekday you're unlikely to lose a large sum of money, because the main your savings are in a safe place. But so it is reliable? Keeping money at home, you run the risk of becoming a victim of residential thieves. With its huge "professional" experience and knowing the psychology of the average urban resident, for several minutes to find all the "stash" house owners. So if you categorically don't trust the banks, you must hide your money, using a creative approach.
If you are soon not going to spend a large sum of money, then hide her safely. Divide your savings into three equal parts. Pack money in an inconspicuous fold of the water resistant material. And hide their savings in three cache.
Awaken your imagination and remember that the cache can serve anything you like in your apartment, from the artificially created cavities in the walls and floor, to the picture frame. Hiding money in relatively small objects, be sure to notify the household that they by mistake did not sell and gave someone your "secret".
If you keep large amounts of money in virtual payment systems (e.g. WebMoney, Yandexmoney, Perfect Money, etc.), it can also protect your money. First follow the basic rules of online security: keep anti-virus, do not tell anyone your passwords, don't click on suspicious links, do not download the content received from the security services warning of a possible threat.
If you have your own (even small) business, to overshadow everyday work can the machinations of rivals. Security of the payment system an unscrupulous user may make a complaint that you are a fraud and by typing it in confusion, took possession of his cash. At the same time he will indicate the number of your Internet-purse, and administrators to ascertain the circumstances can freeze your accounts. Therefore, making big deals with partners, beginners, translate the sum into the reserve purse or even in other virtual currency.