You will need
  • tooth or melkoabrazivnymi paste;
  • - soft tissue;
  • - AnyReader.
For getting rid of scratches on the rear surface of the disc better suited to polishing. The use of toothpaste is the best and effective method of recovery media in the home. The reason that disk after damage ceases to be read, - violation of the structure of transparent layer, which forms a reading laser on the drive.
Put on soft and smooth surface disk is damaged side up. Make sure the cloth and a towel clean, i.e. they do not have any solid particles, crumbs or sand.
Apply to the surface a little toothpaste and start to slowly grind her. To do this, use only a soft cloth that will not leave additional scratches on the disk.
As soon as the pasta will begin to dry up, wash the disc under running hot water, and then again repeat the procedure.
Before the disc re-placed in the drive, make sure it is dry and it left no solid particles and sand. Thoroughly wash the disc, so it wasn't obvious remnants of pasta.
Insert the disk into the computer drive and copy all the necessary files. If the disc still cannot be read, then you can repeat the procedure of polishing.
Install the program AnyReader which helps to read data from a damaged disk. Feature of the program is that it allows the reading of information even if the copy process encountered errors in reading.
Run the program and follow its instructions. The utility provides step-by-step interface (5 stages). After the procedure, recovery all your data should be saved.