You will need
  • - clean with a soft cloth and toothpaste;
  • recovery download utility information;
Often, the disc becomes unreadable due to the commonplace contamination. It can be traces from fingers, it can be put there, where stood a glass of juice or coffee. In the end the drive is no longer open. Carefully inspect the surface if it is dirty, wipe off lightly dampened with water soft cloth.
Drive may cease to open due to scratches caused by careless handling and by defects in the diskitself. In this case, helps polishing the surface of the compactdiskand toothpaste. Apply to a soft cloth with a little paste and start polishing. Remember that it is only necessary to Polish across scratches! Usually this movement from the center of the diskand its edges. About half an hour of hard work can be brought back to life, even severely scratched disk. Rinse it, dry it, wipe and try to open.
If these methods do not help, you should use a special utility that enables you to recover the maximum amount of information. To start, use the AnyReader program, links can be found on the Internet. Run the program, select the recovery option, this is usually the first "Copying files from damaged media". Select the item, click "Next".
The program tries to access the disk and read the files. In the list that appears, select the directory or files you want to restore. Specify the folder into which recovered files will be saved and click "Next". After finishing the copy process, the program will report whether it was possible to recover the chosen data.
There are other utilities of this kind. For Example, File Salvage, Max Data Recovery, NSCopy. If these programs do not help, try to work with the program IsoBuster. This utility allows you to recover data even from the most problematic discs. Its drawback is slow, so the program should be used only after all other options have failed. Most convenient to run IsoBuster on the night – waking up in the morning, you will be able to evaluate the results of the utility operation.