Payment of the administrative penalty from the account in the 1C program is reflected in the section "Documents", then "cash Account" and "Bank documents". Since the company pays fines every day, typical settings for processing of such single document may not be.
For carrying out the payment order for the payment of the fine in the 1S after it is downloaded, open the document by double-clicking the left mouse button. On the toolbar, click "Operation". From the operation list, select "Other withdrawal of funds", if your company does not have another treatment option.
Later in the Account window, call the reference accounts and select the account 91.02 "other expenses". This analytical account, therefore, immediately opens a window to select analysts. In the opened list select "penalties". Then in the bottom right corner of the window, click OK. The document has been processed.
Check the correctness of the accounting entries. Would be the entry:
Debit 91.02, Analytics "penalties" Credit account 51 "Settlement account".
The payment of tax penalties is made by or at the request of the tax authorities, or independently by the company and updated tax calculation. When processing a Bank document of payment of the penalty, the program will select the operation "Transfer tax" and depending on the settings can choose a specific tax, which paid the fine. Perhaps the tax will have to choose manually.
Account 68 "Settlements with budget" analytical. In the "Account" on the main tab of the Bank document will bring up a list of accounts and select the tax, which paid the fine. Under the Account window in the window "payment method", select the line "Tax(assessed/assessed), fines and penalties". Click OK in the lower right corner of the document. The document has been processed.
Check formed if the accounting posting document payment : Debit account 68 "Settlements with budget" Credit account 51 "Settlement account".
Calculation of tax penalty is issued by the entry in the Debit account 91.02 "other expenses" subkonto "penalties" in correspondence with credit of account 68 "Settlements with budget".