You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • calculator;
  • - the "Declaration" from an official site of Federal tax service of the Russian Federation (
To fill in the Declaration form No. 3-NDFL is not difficult. To do this, take the forms to the tax inspection for your residence and fill them according to the pattern presented on the stands. Can also fill in the Declaration in electronic form. Go online to the official website of the Federal tax service of the Russian Federation in this link Download our free app "Declaration" by selecting the desired year.
Before you complete the form, prepare all required to provide to the tax authority documents: passport; contract entered into by you with the educational institution (copy and original); the documents confirming your expenses on education (copies and originals of receipts, payment orders); the documents confirming degree of relationship (copy of birth certificate of children if applicable, copy of marriage certificate); a certificate of income for the appropriate year form No. 2-NDFL (it to you is obliged to repay the employer).
Run it on your computer the program "Declaration". The program opens on the tab "Job conditions". Fill in all blank lines, putting No. inspection (choose from the opened directory by clicking on the box next to the row), select "checkboxes".
Click the tab below "details of the declarant". It will fill in line: name, passport data, INN (it is listed in your income statement). Here click on the box with a picture of the house and go to the tab "place of residence".
Specify in the rows all the necessary information and click on the tab called "Income received in Russia." Fill in all the rows of tabs by specifying the sources of payments and income by months (cumulatively), according to the certificate of the form № 2-NDFL. Please note that you must be on the page "Income taxable at 13%".
Go to the tab "Deductions" and specify the required you standard tax deductions, according to the certificate the form № 2-NDFL. Here, click on the box with a red flag "Social tax deduction" and put a "check mark" before the string "to Provide social tax deduction". According to the receipts and the agreement with the educational institution, fill in the lines of the money you spent on training.
In the top row of the program window click on the "Preview" tab. The program will show you to check all completed pages of the Declaration form No. 3-NDFL. Check and if you have made an error, move to the desired tab and fix.