You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the "Declaration";
  • help 2-NDFL;
  • - receipt of payment;
  • license and accreditation of the Institute;
  • - contract with the University;
  • - The tax Code of the Russian Federation.
For filling of the Declaration the special program "Declaration," which is to say on the official website of IRS. After installation click "set conditions". It make a tax authority at the place of your residence, select 3-NDFL in the column type Declaration. Note in the graph the available income item, which reads as follows: "take into account "information on the income of individuals", income under contracts of civil nature and so forth."
On the tab "details of the declarant" - enter your personal data in accordance with the passport, including the date and place of birth and details of identification document, number, series, date and place of issue. Write in full address of your residence, a contact phone number.
On the tab "Income earned in the Russian Federation" click on the "13" which means you pay into the state budget personal income tax at the rate of 13%. Then enter the company name (including legal form of organization) where you work currently. Specify the taxpayer identification number, the reason code of statement on accounting in tax Department of the company where you work.
Using the data reference 2-NDFL for the previous six months of your work, alternately put your salary for each month of the reporting period, do not forget to specify the revenue code from the appropriate directory.
Tab "Deductions" select a social deduction and check its provision. Write the amount of money that you spend on their education. To do this, use receipts or Bank statements are proof of payment.
Save the filled Declaration, print, copy on electronic media (floppy disk). Attach to the document a certificate 2-pit, a copy of your passport, receipts, copies of licenses, accreditation Institute (certified by blue seal), the contract with the University. To pass the Declaration to the tax office before 30 April of the year following the reporting year. Do not forget to specify the details of your settlement account for funds received for him during 4 months.