Remember that pinworm infection occurs through contact with contaminated objects and surfaces: street shoes, toys, floors, common areas in the school; on the street: sand, earth, contact with animals. From child to child via the unwashed hands of pinworms also easy to get infected.
Pay attention to the symptoms of enterobiasis. The main of them are: itching in the crotch area and anus. Because of this, the child has disturbed sleep, appetite, the baby becomes cranky. Other symptoms are: stool softener (optional), and cough (sometimes larvae pinworms can get into the respiratory tract).
Refer the child to a specialist, get tested and return analysis for pinwormsif you ever suspect that the child is sick.
Treat pinworms only in the case if the survey actually showed the presence of parasites in the analysis. It is not necessary to give drugs against helminths, based only on suspicion or presence of any symptom. All the anthelmintic drugs are toxic in varying degrees.
Use for the treatment of anthelmintic drugs prescribed by your doctor. The most effective drugs for the treatment of enterobiasis in children are: "Pyrantel", "Mebendazole", "Vermoxum".
Give your child medicines, and strictly following the instructions, if the doctor will prescribe a different treatment plan. After all, for every age group – its dosage. As a rule, for the treatment of pinworms Pyrantel calculated as follows: per 1 kg of body weight of the child is 10-12 mg Pyrantel once. "Vermoxum" and "Mebendazole" is prescribed to children aged 2-10 years: 25-50 mg once. Children over 10 years – 100 mg once.
Let's medicine to a child after a meal.
Be sure to spend a second course of treatment after 2 weeks. The purpose of this course is prevention of re-infection at the time of first taking the drug.
Restore the child's intestinal flora after treatment. There are special biological preparations containing bacteria, for example: "Bifidumbacterin" or "Linex".
Do a control examination of the child for pinworms. Of course, modern drugs for the treatment of helminthic infestations is effective but sometimes enterobiasis is actually fairly hard and there is a need to carry out additional control tests.